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Our modern life is based on organising an environment free from the unexpected. The house needs to be as stable and reliable as possible. The job as safe as possible. Nothing should break down. Nothing but what we predict, should occur.
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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Second Post - December 2. The van and the layout.

The objective today was to head back to base and sort out a whole lot of admin stuff then head off somewhere else for the weekend - although I had not decided where I would be going.  Thing is, there was no way I would be getting back to base.  The following pic demonstrates the logic.

 Having no form of transport, apart from my feet, I head off for the nearest village.  The nearest village was Dial Post.  Sure that is weird for a village name, but this is England.  England is the capital of humour remember.  No doubt there existed a post where you dialled something, at some stage.

 No shops in the village at all.  Just the Crown Inn pub.  I took a pic but it had a car with the reg plate showing.  I thought about editing the pic (the car was not my own), but it seemed a whole lot of effort.  I am sure you can just google the pub and get an idea.  Nothing really interesting about this pub except that it seemed to be completely packed.  Unusual for a Thursday afternoon in a village without any other commerce whatsoever.  I guess since it was snowing a whole lot of people couldn't get to work so had to work from home.  Or better still, take the family to a village pub where your boss is not likely to catch you, haha.

Ok, so now back to the gist of this post.  "Apple Tree" asked me about the configuration of the van.
Here is a view from the front of the van, from the cockpit to the back.  This is configuration one with the back seat folded down to form a double bed.  Whenever I take my girlfriend away with me the double back seat is folded down like this to form a double bed.  The bed is comfortable but I purchased a foam bed cover, which is about two inches thick to cover over this.  With the foam cover, the double bed is absolutely dreamy.
Do you notice all the orange wires in the left hand window?  This is the electrical hook up cable.  Initially this was on the ground covered in snow.  I sort of reasoned that if the snow melted then froze, then the cable would be buried in ice and I would have to cut it to get free.  So I have raised it above ground.

Now here is a pic with the back seat in its' normal position.  You can imagine that this position is good when I need to transport more than one other person.  So for instance when I take my two kids somewhere, one will sit in the front with me and one strapped into the back.  But also, when I am away in the van by myself, this is the configuration I will use, since I have far more ground space to live in.
 But where do I sleep?  Well, the van has a cone head attached with about three foot of head room.  I call this the penthouse, and I just chuck a duvet in and sleep up top.  Here is a pic taken from the back of the van towards the front.  I sleep up above where that green cushion is.

Here is a pic from the penthouse, so to speak.  The area I will sleep in when alone, rather than downstairs in the seat that can be converted to a double bed.

So you get the idea I hope.  This van only cost me 1600 pounds.  It was dirt cheap, but is also very comfortable.  You can spend 70000 pounds on a motor home.  But why spend so much?  Spend that much when you want a hotel on wheels I guess, lol.

Ok, so what did I buy to make life a little more comfortable?

This is what I purchased.
1) Microwave Oven.  Very important for heating pre made meals and heating water for coffee and tea.
2)  Foam mattress cover - get a good night's sleep.
3) Plenty of disposable cutlery and paper dishes - save on the washing up.  I know it's not environmental but I spent 10 years without a car so deserve some leeway, lol.
4) A good torch.  Most important item to have for sure.
5) Plenty of puzzle books to keep the mind active at night.


  1. Hi, what are you doing about heating? Hope all is well! Jools & "M"

  2. For heating I have a strong electic fan which keeps me like toast.

  3. As long as it isn't "burnt" toast ~
    See, that snowy road you posted, where I live, that road would be plowed several times throughout the snowfall. It is a rare ocassion where I come from that snow activity will halt daily living. So, only a pub? What did you do - walk back to where your van was stuck, moreover, how do you get your van out, or do you have to wait for the snow to melt? Is snow a conspicuous weather event for you? Will it not remain on the ground? Keep your sense of humor!!

  4. Hi Dawn. So many questions. This is to be expected as you live in the country and your minds are fresh and very clever.
    1) Yes I walked back to the van.
    2) The Van is still stuck and so I remain for one more night in the camp site.
    3) It will not remain in the ground now, but maybe in the future.

    I love you all xxx

  5. Just to point out Dawn, here in the UK we are crippled by snow. xx

  6. hey you -= tis karma ere... i lived in my van for a year and started just like you in snow with -7 - baptism of ice not fire...just lettinn u know i'm ere lovely xxx