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Our modern life is based on organising an environment free from the unexpected. The house needs to be as stable and reliable as possible. The job as safe as possible. Nothing should break down. Nothing but what we predict, should occur.
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Friday, 27 July 2012

London Faces Up

The heart in the sky was well and truly broken.  The clouds weeped and there was no end to the relentless rain.  This journey I make every Sunday up the spine of England was a glide along a film of water all the way.  The same returning every Friday.  Accidents, break-downs, delays and more delays.  It all comes apart in the rain.  Thankfully the trusty old van did not break down.

A Queen’s Jubilee, in the rain.  The nation blessed the Queen and the Queen blessed the nation and we all indulged in the tradition and pageantry of fine royalty.  What a show the Londoner is capable of putting on for the world.  Nothing compares surely!   Thousands of vessels gliding along an historic river.  Jets roaring across the sky.   Millions of parties and bunting throughout the country.  What a privilege it seems it is – to be on British soil.

 I can remember a time several years ago when a popular royal lost her life on a road in France, and the city and the nation lost its breath.  Working in the heart of London at the time – it struck me how real was this mourning of the people.  A lady few had ever met, yet most adored her and loved the way she represented their nation on the world stage.  It occurred to me then that the monarchy reigns because of the fierce pride held close by its subjects.

And it would seem the pride of Great Britain will be facing up to the world.  The Olympic games will soon begin.  Billions of people will be watching.   There is an excitement in our people.  A glint in the eye.  The greatest show from the greatest city in the world.  I hope you all enjoy the 2012 Olympics.