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Our modern life is based on organising an environment free from the unexpected. The house needs to be as stable and reliable as possible. The job as safe as possible. Nothing should break down. Nothing but what we predict, should occur.
This is the life of the zoo animal. Let's explore the life of the Nomad. Let's live the life of the Nomad.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hello members of the websphere and welcome to my first post on the Nomadic LIFE

For the past five years I have been doing the work of a consultant.  This means I am required to visit the client wherever the client may have their working office.  This means that I have spent time travelling all over the globe but mostly all over the UK.  Generally a job will last a few weeks, although sometimes it can last up to nine months.  I have an apartment in Sussex which I stay in when not on my working travels.  I might spend about two months of the year in this apartment each year, sometimes more and sometimes less.

So my life has been mostly spent in hotels over the past years.  The hotel life can be seen as luxury living - it isn't.  If you rarely spend time in a hotel, a stay in a four star hotel may seem very glamorous and you will enjoy the cooked breakfast and not having to make the bed and the mini-bar with nice drinks and chocolates.  Spending month after month in these environments is completely another matter.  They are simply luxurious prison cells.

So I bought the van.  I wanted it cheap and versatile.  I will be replacing the hotel with the van wherever possible.  I will be blogging about the places I am staying and the hurdles I am facing and the thoughts I am thinking.  Hope you enjoy the blog.

Today I am based at a site near Horsham and it has been snowing.  The views around me are spectacular.  Here are some pics.


  1. Nice van - looks cold though.

  2. I too used to stay in top hotels, and your so right about them not being glamourous!Once stayed in a hotel at Gerrards Cross, and we refused the A la Carte menu and asked for egg and chips instead! Sometimes you just need normal!

  3. What makes me laugh is when you order room service meals and they get a two quid microwave meal, heat it up, and bring it to your room charging you 15 quid.

  4. This could be a very interesting blog, seeing, meeting and discussing the diverse lives and experiences of those you meet.
    Good Luck,
    J.Todd DeShong

  5. Thanks JTD. Wow you left a comment on my site. I am normally leaving comments on yours under Anonymous. I only opened the blogspot account yesterday so couldn't put in an ID.

  6. You are absolutely right about hotel life. Looks glamourous but isn't when you do it alot. Also I found after a couple of days I was so full up with food I couldn't eat any more and just wanted a pot of tea and beans on toast !
    I had to wait until retirement to get my camper van, like your's based on a Ford Transit.
    I look forward very much to reading your blog. Can you tell us a bit about your van ? How you got it, how it is laid out, what you have bought to make things comfortable, what works and what doesn't.

  7. Well hello Apple Tree.
    Yes I will tell some more about my van, and how it is laid out, and what I have purchased for comfort. Now today I am snowed in and stuck in the van: so my next blog has been inspired by your good self. :)