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Friday, 3 December 2010

Informing Employer - Hotel no longer required.

Today is the last day of my holiday.  For the past month I have been roaming around in the Van, which was purchased on the first day my holidays began.  My manager's administrator rang me up.  I have to do a weeks work in Norwich starting from Monday 13.  She needed to know whether or not to book the hotel from Sunday 12 or Monday 13.  The difference is whether I want to sacrifice half of the Sunday travelling up, or get up 5 am on the Monday and travel up.  I hate getting up early and I hate sacrificing half my Sunday so it's a no win situation either way.  But this is the consultant's life and mostly I will travel on the Sunday as the trip in itself can be enjoyable when you don't have to start work right at the end of it.

So I asked her to send me the work address.  After a quick search using the UK Camping and Caravanning club site, of which I am a member, I found a site open this time of year, with EHU (Electrical Hook Up) only five miles from the office.  So I sent her the details for her to book.

She thought this was pretty cool.  She will book the site next week for me.  No doubt she may wonder why I would rather stay on a caravan site costing 15 pounds per night than stay in a four star hotel at 150 pounds per night.

I have not had any negative reaction to my preferred form of accommodation yet.  In fact the general reaction seems to be a request to join me camping sometime.  Maybe I am not the only one questioning the brick and mortar lifestyle.


  1. Even at -8 its still makes sense to us! Why pay all that money for bricks and mortar! Roasty in the van, but roll on the summer!

  2. It sure is cosy in a van. Most home owners do not have a garden. If they do have a garden it's the size of postage stamp. When I open the door of my van the garden is huge indeed. I am not sure about summer, to be honest. I think the caravan sites will become very busy and noisy. In summer I may be opting for wild camping - that is, pulling into public parking spaces and living off battery power.

  3. Only £1600 for both transport and living accomodation - what a bargain ! How did you get such a great deal ?
    Can you tell us the year of the van, petrol or diesel and is it a professional company conversion or a home built ?
    How are you getting on stopping the water freezing up ?

  4. Hi Apple Tree. I was looking for quite some time for a suitable van. This van was advertised at 1850 but I negotiated down. Just as well because I spent 280 on a service and a fix for the carb. It is year 1989 and is petrol. So yes it is old, but the mechanic that serviced it said it was in extrememly good condition for that age.

  5. Also I believe the van must have been professionally converted. The water issue did not effect me because I just use a 5 liter bottle of water kept in the van.

  6. umm in summer there are great beaches to pull up over and wakeup to the sea...back doors wide open ahh i miss it...