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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Llangammarch Wells - Lake Country House & Spa

After checking out of the Best Western Hotel in Heathrow we commenced the long drive to Wales.  The traffic was light and we were free from disruption.  Checking in time at the luxury hotel in Llangammarch Wells was from three onwards and we had already arrived at the town of Brecon by 1.30.  I love this town with its historic buildings and close knit, but welcoming folk.  To kill some time we parked the Suzuki and took a stroll. 

The air was icy and even with the hats and the gloves it wasn't long before our bodies demanded some warmth.  What better way to warm up than with a hot coffee and a hot tea?  So we found a busy Costa Coffee and ordered the drinks and some cakes.  We both felt great - to be free from the home environment and to be in a place unknown.  I have always found travel uplifting and will always be a traveller.  It was clear that O held a similar view.

The weather report had predicted snow in the hills and so I hadn't seen this to be an issue on our long drive.  However, after leaving Brecon and driving the last 15 miles to Llangammarch Wells - our happy disposition turned to concern.  The road taking us to the hotel was leading in and up over the hills and the snow was falling with deepening thickness.  The road was salted and so the car kept its grip.  But there were dangerous segments and the driving was harrowing to be sure.


The entrance to the hotel was hardly conspicuous and we missed it and continued past the chequered flag on the GPS unit.  After back tracking and finding the hotel we knew we were in for a bit of elegance.  The garden and frontage were spectacular.


The concierge took us to our room - and it was more like an apartment.  It really does pay to visit such places in the off season because the value is outstanding.  This could have been a room within Buckingham Palace.

We settled in and decided to spend the hours before dining in the pool and spa complex.  This was a short walk from the room.  After the long drive it was nice to submerge into the depths of the lightly heated pool.  This was followed by a session in the sauna.  I know that some really love the sauna experience, O being one of them - but I have never really understood how sweat, steam and heat amounts to enjoyment.  A few minutes was enough for me and I gladly re-entered the pool, thankful that my sizzling body was returning to a less lethal temperature.

The sauna and the pool was followed by bubbles in the spa above the building.  The spa was outside and it was odd to be in the warm bubbly spa while the air above the water was icy cold.  Again this is one of those relaxations foreign to my character but indeed I was enjoying it.  The work during the week had been extremely stressful and the spa seemed to be doing its trick.  It relaxed us both and we returned to the hotel and prepared for the dinner.

The reception and bar area was as stunning as the room.

  The dinner was a four course deal - starting with butternut squash soup.  For the starter O chose a salad and I had to try the pigeon.  This was a first for me and I won't be hunting down pigeon to replace my staple diet of chicken or beef.

We both selected the lamb as a main -  and I thought this was very good.

 Desert was a chocolate treat with ice cream.

So with all the driving, strolling, swimming, bubbling and eating we were both worn out and eagerly retired to the bed and slept soundly.

In the morning it was all about packing then breakfast and then the long drive back home.  First to London to drop O off and then another couple of hours for me back to Hampshire to my caravan on the field.  This was a great weekend and what just we needed to distress from the pressures of daily life. 

Peace to All

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