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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Experiences

Last weekend was alot of fun.  My girlfriend, lets call her "C", met me at the station and we had a great night playing darts and taking in the caravan life.  There was a caravan club rally at the site, and my normal view of green grass was replaced with a view of at least thirty club vans.  I was expecting a rowdy evening but it was completely quiet.  I guess the weekend campers really just want to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet.
The next morning I went to the site's cafe and got two bacon sandwhiches - delicious.  It was "C"s birthday and for some reason "C" couldn't stop eating all weekend.  The weather was lovely and warm and we spent the morning and afternoon relaxing, sun baking and reading - and "C" spent it mostly eating.
I had no desire to drive this weekend so we got the train into Brighton late afternoon.  We then smartened up and went to the Greyhound racing stadium.


I have never been to such an event before and found it very interesting.  We had tables booked and a three course meal, again, delicious.  I placed a few quid on each race and actually won slightly more than I gambled.
I am not an avid gambler as I find losing money fairly depressing, but I really did enjoy this new experience.  You can also take children into the stadium so I will definetly add this to a weekend activity next time I have the kids.

The next morning we went to a car boot sale in Carden.  Again this was something I hadn't done before in the UK and I found it fascinating.  All those people gathering up their little used belongings and turning them into a bit of cash on a Sunday morning.  There was a food van so I bought "C" another bacon sandwhich and a tea, since she was hungry. Since I found this car boot sale so interesting we decided to go to another one - this was on top of the car park at Brighton Marina.  Brighton Marina is one of my favorite places with so many things to do.


The only thing I purchased was a little photograph of Stonehenge, as seen from the sky on a snowy day.  Living in a van I can't really collect things as I used to do.

After this we had a nice meal with another friend at a restaurant/Inn in Fulking - you have to be careful how you say that.  The food was great and I had gammon steak with bubble n squeak and egg.  

After this it was back to Chichester for a relaxing night alone in my van.  I have been thinking, since my long term goal is to start a business fixing caravans, that it makes sense to buy one.  The site has some for sale, and I have spotted a smart pageant moselle four birth model.  I might just put this on my shopping list.  The kids too, will enjoy spending their weekends in such a cool caravan.  

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