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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A few days already in Connecticut

It's my third day in Connecticut and I am just beginning to shrug off the jetlag.  Yesterday at work was quite a struggle towards late afternoon as the troubleshooting part of my brain fell asleep and I resorted to entertaining the client with tales of life in good old blighty, rather than waste time on the complex technical stuff.

Today was alot better however, and I feel confident my last project for my employer will go well.

Now Connecticut is experiencing record snow fall, and what is surprising is that the roads are always clear of the stuff.  Infact, schools are not closed down because parents cannot drive the kids to school, but because the roof may be in danger of collapse due to snow build up.  Here is a pic from my hotel room.

Now anyone who has read my previous posts will understand that I am no friend of hotels, but this hotel I am in is very good indeed.  It is much cheaper than your average English hotel room, and it does infact consist of two rooms, each with a very widescreen TV.   The first room has a little kitchen area with a large refridgerater, hobs, microwave and even a dishwasher.

And the second room is just as spacious. 

What is also unusual is that they offer a free dinner each evening - which is good food and as much as you can eat.  It really does seem unusual that the hotel does not actually want you to fork out any more cash for extras.  It really is fantastic value, although ofcourse I do not pay for this as it goes to the client as an expense.

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  1. After spending 5 yrs living in Germany where the roads are in good condition and were generally clear of snow, I do wonder where we have gone wrong in this country of ours!

    Hotel looks good! The Americans can get somethings right!