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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Microsoft 950 Phone and Continuum - Essential tools for the Nomad

The best way to travel is to be free of weight - for it is like this that we defy our gravity and ease our burdens.  In these times we need computation and we need communication, that is, both a phone and a computer.  I do not remember the make and model of the first mobile phone I ever used- but I do remember it was installed into a car and was the size of a pint of milk.  I do remember the make and model of the first computer I ever used.  This was an Apple 2 and if you included the monitor and the floppy disks and the keyboard - and if you wanted some mobility, you would have to place them on a trolley and wheel it all to wherever you desired to be.

Recently I purchased for myself Microsoft's latest phone - the 950.  I won't bore you with all the tech details but will say it is indeed revolutionary for to call it a phone is to mistake the intention.  It is a computer with an inbuilt phone and you can comfortably carry it around in your pocket.  Further, when you return to your van or whatever your base living quarters may be - this phone can be connected to Microsoft's display dock.  Microsoft call it continuum.  The display dock is a small cube the size of a packet of cigarettes and it connects to your TV or monitor.  Into the display dock you can also connect your keyboard and mouse and printer, etc.   And thus your phone is now your PC.  It does not get much geek cool better than that.

Microsoft 950 phone out of the box.

Microsoft display dock

Phone connected and workings as a PC - This is Continuum

Phone connected into TV and camera activated and pointed at TV - Infinity.

Peace To All

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