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Friday, 21 February 2014

Jersey - 3

We awoke sometime between 9 and 10 on our last day in Jersey.  We dressed and packed.  While the alluring princess applied the cosmetics to her beautiful face,  I descended the stairs to the hotel’s restaurant.   The waiter showed me to my table and went off to get the coffee.   I filled the plate from the buffet of bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms and hash browns.  Sitting down at the table and looking out at the bay I could see that this day would not be blighted with another storm.

After the breakfast and after we had checked out of the hotel we took one last walk along the beach.  The tide was out and the views were spectacular.

We then set out to explore the western side of the island.  The western coast of Jersey faces the Atlantic ocean.  Exposed to the ocean’s forces this side of the island appears battered and bruised.  Pretty and quaint towards the east, tough and weathered towards the west. 

We started our exploring in the South Western corner, a place called La Corbiere.  Here the sand was replaced by sharp and dangerous rock.  I wondered how many boats had been sliced to threads on this bit of the Jersey coast.

We then drove the the Les Mielles Nature Reserve and parked the car once again.  Looking towards the west it was a surprise to see a group of para gliders floating on the thermals.  More evidence that the flight back to England would bear no comparison to the choppy flight arriving at the island.

Driving down the Grand Route des Mielles the intention was to frequent a military museum.  Jersey is an interesting place for the military enthusiasts because it was occupied by the Germans during the Second World War.  Today however the museum was closed so we continued along the coast until we reached a Mexican restaurant called El Tico.  The place was packed and islanders were queuing for a table and we would be in for quite a wait so decided against the meal.  Instead we entered a surfing accessories shop nearby.  It was a clearance sale and it did occur to me that my daughter might appreciate some beach fashion for her approaching birthday.  A quick phone call however confirmed that surf ware was not cool at the moment so no purchases made here.

Our flight was at four and it was time to head towards Jersey’s airport.  Returning the car couldn't have been easier – park the car, lock the car and posit the keys in a letter box inside the airport.  Jersey airport is small and relaxed and we treated ourselves to Jersey ice cream before boarding the plane.  And that was our little weekend escape to Jersey.  It was a pleasant weekend and a convenient reconnaissance for a possible summer holiday further on in the year.

Peace to All

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