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Monday, 3 January 2011

2011 Winchester - it's a farm site

Hello - hope you all had a great New Years event.  Mine was a fairly big party with a great guitarist playing, lots of food and pepsi.  I was the designated driver, thus there was no pressure or desire for me to drink alcohol.

First job this year is for a company whose UK head office is in Winchester, and it starts tomorrow.  I decided to drive here today and am now hooked in a fairly pleasant caravan park that is part of a farm.  Lots of animals wondering around and its green and tranquil.

Given the issues I have had with the van I was a little apprehensive about this trip, even though it was only eighty miles.  On Friday I pull into a petrol station, get out, put key in fuel cap, turn, but nothing gives.  The fuel cap would not come off.  Great!!!  After fiddling and cursing for ten minutes I drive over to the parking bay away from the pumps and continue trying get the cap off.  I dip the key into some oil and stick it in, hoping something will give - but nothing gives.

I figure the mechanic must have done something, since this is the first time I have attempted to fill her up since taking the van to be fixed, and I never had any problems before hand.  I drive around to his garage, but he is closed.  I drive to the nearest Kwik Fit place, wondering if I could get a mechanic to have a look - maybe they have some sort of trick for this sort of issue.  But they are really busy and after waiting ten minutes I lose patience and drive to the nearest Halfords store.  I buy an all model lockable petrol cap and two screw drivers.  Using the two screw drivers I manage to force the cap out of the tank, thankfully not breaking anything around the cap tunnel.  The new fuel cap fits perfectly - phew, good to go again.

The trip today was fine.  The van didn't play up at all.  Thanks ConeHead.  I call the van ConeHead because this is what the previous owners called the van due to its cone shaped luton top.  I'm not superstitious but I've heard it brings bad luck to rename a van or boat.  I won't tempt fate - and ConeHead it shall remain.

So I am now officially being paid to camp.  The site fees will be chargeable to my employer, and I will receive a per-diem for the week or two I am here at the camp site.  Doesn't get better than that now, really, does it?

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