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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Rwanda - And dining

Today the wary food eater can travel to most locations and eat at a familiar restaurant - this could be a McDondalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King or whatever is your favourite chain eatery. This will not be the case in Rwanda. I did not see an internationally recognised eatery. Instead I dined in family owned restaurants eating traditional African food.  And it was very good food indeed.

Rwandan staple foods will be bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, ugali and plantains.  If you are not vegetarian you will eat these foods with goat or lamb or perhaps beef.  Generally prices are ridiculously cheap.  For example, four of us shared a dish of goat ribs and a leg of goat for five UK pounds and we were barely able to eat half of the meal.  This was the Master Grill restaurant located at KG113 Street.

The waiter may bring a tub of water to wash your hands before eating.  Often the hands are used to eat and if a utensil is offered it is usually only a fork.

The Fantastic Restaurant at KN 70 street should be visited.  Again the price for a buffet meal was very cheap at only two UK pounds  This restaurant is combined with a bar area and there are many television sets for the sports enthusiast.  I spent a couple of hours here watching England defeat Wales in the Euro football tournament.  You can stack your plate up with as much food as you desire. The local diners were not shy - their plates contained mountains of food.  And the food was eaten completely - a testament to a strong stomach and a hearty appetite.

Visiting friends, acquaintances or relatives in their homes will always involve a meal.  And it is considered impolite not to eat what is offered. This can be quite a challenge if you need to visit many abodes in a day.  You will not be hungry - you will be applying strong will power to ensure more food gets absorbed into an already well fed stomach.

I did not drink any alcohol in the time I was in Rwanda.  Fanta and Coke were the main refreshments on offer.  These are mostly sold in glass bottles and you will be expected to return the empty bottle to the vendor - or perhaps pay an additional amount to the bottle away from you.

There was so much eating and it was all very good food. Finally a caution: never drink water out of the tap. You will end up with a stomach bug.  Be careful with ice in drinks - again this may cause sickness.

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