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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Goodbye Old Van

The camper needed its yearly roadworthy inspection and I had a good idea what the verdict would be.  The year of travelling up and down the spine of England through record breaking wet weather had taken a heavy toll on the poor old Transit.  The rust damage was beyond the scope of repair according to the inspector – and it was time to lay the van to rest.

The blog began at the time the van was purchased and many posts have described the fine service received from this old vehicle.  It was an interesting experiment.  To buy a cheap old camper van.  To live in it and to learn from it and to attempt to  master it mechanically.  I wouldn't recommend this to everyone but if your life is missing some adventure and has become a little too comfortable – then certainly give it some thought.

I now have to cast my eye to a replacement vehicle.  It could be another camper van or it could be a 4WD or it could be a large estate type car – however it won’t be 24 years old and will not require so much maintenance to keep it going.  It will have to be able to tow a 2000 kg caravan.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Price range will be between 5k and 10k.  I like the look of the Land Rover Defender - but anything in my price range is unlikely to look as good as this one.  

There is no urgency to the purchase.  I am still working in Glasgow and only need a vehicle twice a month when I fly back to the South coast and need to pick the kids up for the weekend.  I have been hiring cars from Avis and these have been very comfortable and easy to drive.  Even this nomad has to smile at the innovation of power steering.

Peace to All


  1. We use a 2.8 Mitsubishi Pajero, amazingly cheap with an extremely high spec. Cheap as chips why have 5k plus tied up in metal?
    Oh and tows like a dream!

    1. Thank's for the recommendation OLIAC. I will certainly do some research into this model. I am leaning towards another camper since it is so handy for working away, which I do all the time.